Alliance for Global Inclusion

Alliance for Global Inclusion is a one-of-a-kind coalition founded by industry peers and is committed to help build an equitable and just tomorrow. The coalition will work together, combining the collective power and resources of our global organizations, to bring inclusivity and full equity to the workplace.

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  • Veolia North America has joined the Alliance for Global Inclusion to help strengthen our collective impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Maria Medrano from Equinix and Sara Rodriguez from TEL US are the newest members of our CDIO Council.

  • Become a partner and join in to collaborate advancing DEI outcomes at Global and Industry levels.

What is Alliance for Global Inclusion?

We are a coalition of people from companies and large organizations committed to a unified set of diversity and inclusion goals and metrics. We believe we can accelerate the adoption of inclusive business practices across industries through transparency and collaboration. On this site, we are openly sharing practices, progress and lessons gained through this collective effort — and we invite you to join in.

Our Goals 3 Goals Across People, Markets and Society

To improve diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes for our people, our markets, and our communities worldwide, the coalition focuses on three goals.

    Inclusive Leadership

    Publish guidance for
    Representation and equity across demographics
    Inclusive leadership development

    Inclusive Product Development

    Publish guidance for
    AI in HR systems
    Inclusive language

    Inclusive STEM Access

    Collective impact
    Support STEM access by hiring from nontraditional pathways

2022 Index Survey How are companies with a strong technology emphasis advancing their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts globally?

In 2022, Seramount surveyed 24 global tech companies and companies with major technical components on behalf of the Alliance for Global Inclusion (AGI). The survey included data on their usage of best practices around demographic data collection, inclusive hiring, advancement for people from under-resourced groups, supplier diversity, inclusive language and packaging, and artificial intelligence. Seramount and the AGI also conducted four listening sessions with AGI commitment partners, survey participants, and other tech and diversity leaders.

This public index increases transparency, which builds trust, drives collective action and scales impact. Its goal is to showcase efforts to find, retain and promote tech workers in all global region. The results show many companies are moving the needle on their best practices and understanding the increasing value of inclusive cultures.

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