Partner Spotlight

Collaborating to Advance DEI Outcomes

Q&A with Dawn Jones, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Vice President of Social Impact at Intel

Photo of Dawn Jones, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and VP of Social Impact at Intel.

Why did you join the Alliance for Global Inclusion?

Just as one employee can’t solve a complex technology challenge alone, one company cannot solve the industry’s diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges. Only through collaboration can we bring about industry-wide change.

Intel’s vision to create a more inclusive world led our team to create the Alliance for Global Inclusion with founding members Dell, Snap Inc., NTT DATA, and Nasdaq. Since forming in 2020, the Alliance now has 15 companies and continues to grow.

When we work together, we accomplish much more at a much higher level.

What has been the most important value of the Alliance for you?

Aligning on shared metrics has been a consistent challenge for companies across industries. By coordinating resources with other Alliance members, we can magnify and accelerate our impact on DEI across industries, our communities, and society.

Member companies’ CEOs, HR leaders, and DEI leaders are committed to working together to accelerate DEI outcomes. Seeing teams of employees dedicate their time to ensuring progress on strategies that companies can use as a template to activate or enhance their DEI work across the globe is truly inspiring.

What’s next up for the Alliance?

The Global Inclusion Index Survey is one of the Alliance’s critical bodies of work.

The survey is a benchmark for companies providing information on current best practices and opportunities to improve DEI outcomes across industries.

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