Partner Spotlight

Small Actions Can Have a Large Impact

A conversation with Joni Podolsky, Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity

Photo of Joni Podolsky, Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity at KLA.

Why did you Join the Alliance for Global Inclusion?

KLA joined the Alliance not only because we believe in its mission and values but because we knew we would be in the good company of smart, talented people and companies—all with different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. And that’s the point of inclusion, isn’t it?

Change cannot be made alone. By learning and working with and from each other, together we will make a greater difference.

What DEI advancements have you made at KLA that you are proud of?

In 2022, we embarked on our “Inclusion for All” campaign, designed to engage all employees in KLA’s inclusion efforts, to illustrate how even small actions can have large impacts and ensure our people understand the role we all play in making KLA an inclusive company.

Inclusion for All means that everyone at KLA belongs and brings their unique worldview to collaborate and help us reach our full potential. The campaign consists of 5 pillars, all aligned with KLA’s core company values:

  • Empathy—”Approach all situations with empathy first – for yourself and others – as you work to find solutions.”
  • Awareness—”Commit to educating yourself, and not solely leaning on others, in growing your I&D knowledge.”
  • Curiosity—”Challenge yourself to invite and consider new voices, backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs to the table.”
  • Responsibility—”Be truthful and consistent in evaluating your progress practicing conscious inclusion.”
  • Impact—”Apply an inclusive mindset to deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ most pressing challenges.”

Every few months, we highlight one of the pillars and provide clear and concise actions employees can take. These pillars are emphasized in KLA’s current offerings, such as I&D trainings, workshops, and ERG programs and events. Inclusion for All has evolved from an awareness campaign to a guide for behaviors that help shape KLA’s culture.

What is your/KLA’s philosophy for inclusive leadership?

At KLA, we commit to an inclusive workplace where differences are valued and everyone experiences a sense of belonging.

This is why the concept of Inclusion for All is so important. It is a direct reflection of KLA’s core values, and we strongly believe that inclusion is part of all our job descriptions. All of us play a leadership role in creating an inclusive culture at work and in our communities.